Max Borthwick

Dear Paul,

I wish to thank you for your advice and professional services in the assessment of my 2 investment properties. I never realized the amount of depreciation that could be amassed by such a thorough report, and what impact this has meant to my personal taxation position.

I am sure that many people still go about their taxation preparation in the old way without taking professional advice, and end up with much less than they really should. Your report was a real eye opener to me, and I have passed on the information that you recently sent me to my entire sales team.

I have a staff of 18 they are now better informed about the advantages of investment property ownership and the benefits of being better prepared. I have shown your report to my accountant and he agreed that is was a well prepared and researched document that will be invaluable for me.

You have an exceptional service ethic, and have been a pleasant person to deal with. I value relationship building in the service environment, and have been impressed with your personal attitude and attention to detail even when I was not so well organised myself.

I will recommend you to whoever I speak to about such matters. Thanks again for your service.

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“We have found Paul to be reliable and very good to deal”
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